5 Poses to Inspire More Self-Love, Less Self Smack-Talk

The most perfect and effective relationship a person can have with is his/her oneself. It is very important to love yourself. When you do yoga, your entire attention is towards perfecting your body and soul, and towards attaining inner peace. This inspires self-love. Yoga makes you patient and helps in clearing your brain of all negativities. This helps you in taking in criticism positively. You start working to transform your negativity into positivity and the sense of self-love is strengthened.

Here are 5 poses to inspire more self-love and less self smack-talk :-

  1. Downward Facing Dog :-

To do this asana, stand straight and stretch your arms and legs wide apart. Taking the support of your waist, bend over your upper body towards the floor until your hands rest on the floor. Breathe deeply while doing this asana. It enhances the blood flow in your body and makes you feel stronger.

  • Bound Angle Pose :-

For this pose, begin with a seating position. Bend your knees sideways and stretch. Bring your feet together. Lock your toes with your fingers. Now, gradually try to press your knees on the floor. Breathe deeply, keeping your spine straight. This is the Bound Angle Pose.

  • Cat/Cow Pose :-

Start this asana on all fours. Your wrists should be aligned with your shoulders, and your knees with your hips. Form a bow with your body, curving your body towards the floor and inhale deeply. This is the Cow position. When you exhale, make sure you arch your body towards the ceiling. This is the Cat pose.

  • Standing Forward Fold Pose :-

Stand straight on your feet. Stretch your feet and shoulders wide apart. Hang your upper body and arms by bending down towards the floor, taking your waist’s support. If your hands are unable to touch the floor, try bending your knees. Your are in the Standing Forward Fold Pose.

  • Constructive Rest :-

In this pose, lie on your back. Bend your knees at around a 90° angle. Keep your neck straight and concentrate on your breathing. The Constructive Rest Pose relaxes your body muscles.

Self-love aids in the building and enhancement of self-esteem and self-image.  Your self-love helps in nurturing a sound mind and body.

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