Yoga and Meditation Related to Your Spine, Back, Skeleton and Nerves

Yoga and meditation is the most important thing to do in your daily life. Meditation will motivate and inspire you to do good things and remove stress from your body. Yoga helps to stay fit and strong! Today’s article is all about yoga and meditation guys. Read this complete tutorial and start doing these right now. Let’s begin!

Did you know yoga is good for your spine or not? Yes yoga is for everyone. If you have low back pain yoga will help you to relax your spine. If you’re perfectly OK, still you may do yoga for your fitness. There is a beginner’s guide for you:

Which Yoga is best for Your Spinal Cord?

Try these yoga poses for your spine and back pain:

  • Big Toe Pose, Boat, Bridge and Floor Bow Pose
  • Camel, Chair and Cat Pose
  • Cobra, Fish and Cow Pose
  • Handstand, Supported Shoulderstand, Wide Leg Forward Bend
  • Extended Side Angle or Triangle Pose, Seated Forward Bend, Revolved Side Angle Pose 
  • Lotus Pose, Plow Pose, Scale Pose, Sphinx Pose, Staff Pose, Dolphin Pose, Easy Pose, Garland Pose, Gate Pose  
  • Locust Pose, Upward Facing Dog, Wheel Pose

Is Yoga Helpful for Skeletal System?   

Yes, yoga will help you in strengthening your bone and muscle. It builds bones. Try out Chair Pose and Warrior III for good skeletal system. It will improve bone health and flexibility, muscle will become strong. Increase your blood flow, helps in boosting up immunity. It will balance metabolism and burnt calories which is good for weight loss.  

Ways to keep Spine Straight While Meditating!

During Meditation Keep your Spine Straight. There are few tips for a straight and healthy spine:

Sit comfortably; Meditation can be done anywhere and at anytime but you have to feel relax and concentrate on that while doing it. Like Yoga, Meditation also has some postures which you have to follow.

Chair-Sitting Meditation: You can sit in a chair by keeping your back straight and feet on the floor. Make your head and neck in a straight line with your spine. Make a 90 degree angle with knees. Rest your hand on your lap with palms facing down or up. This meditation is easy to do while you are at work or travelling somewhere.

Standing Meditation: This posture of meditation is helpful for your injuries, chronic illness. Release your stress and tension by doing this. Your legs and spine will become stronger and you will feel relaxed. So try it out guys.

Lying-Down and Sleeping Meditation: Relax you body fully by lying down and start meditating. Keep your arms extended along your body sides and legs straight. If you are a beginner you can start with this. Sleeping meditation is a state of mediation when you’re awake and sleeping. This is for the relaxation of your mind, brain, soul, body.

Try to meditate with a relaxing music. Soothing music will calm your mind and remove stress from your body!

 How Can Meditation Cure Nerve Damage?  

Meditation is good for your health because it will calm your nerves too. Want to know how meditation soothes your nervous system? Here you go:

If you are suffering from depression, mental and emotional stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue consult a good doctor. Yoga and meditation is the key to overcome all these things and remove the negative emotions from your mind!

Follow a healthy diet, Listen to some good music. Mediation will help you slow down the heart rate, blood pressure, sweating and improves circulation. Various meditating techniques are there such as Insight meditation, Mantra Meditation, Movement Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Karate Meditation, Spiritual Meditation etc. Try these and know with which you feel comfortable and relaxed. Meditation is beneficial for everyone because it gives inner peace and it is not expensive. No equipments you’ll need to do meditation. 

Remove stress and anxiety by following these steps: 

Start easy and play a soothing music, Sit comfortablyand close your eyes, Keep your thoughts aside and concentrate, Keep practicing. If you are a beginner start doing it for 5-7 minutes. If you feel good and relaxed, increase your time in10-12 minutes. Keep increasing in this way. Keep tracking your time and go ahead!

Follow these ideas for a healthy life! We will be back with some more helpful ideas, till then do practice your yoga and meditation. Stay Strong and Stay Healthy!

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