Definition of Goal

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at’- Bruce Lee.

Goals are the most important of  our plan. It describes what we want to become and achieve in future. Goals also provide focus because once if we have a clear target, we can re-direct our plans more confidently and can ignore the ideas that cannot contribute to success of ours.

Our goals can be achieved through proper planning, clarification of goals and goal setting. Each one us have a vision and set of dreams of long-term goals that actually provide strong base for achievement.  Goals gets connected with our deepest motivation, mind and purpose. Goals give our lives meaning.

Types of goals

Actually all the goals are not same. There are certain goals that focus on the outcome while other goals focus on the performances.

Outcome Goals

Outcome goals are the most common type of goals. It focuses on gaining something at a particular point of time. Big goals can be broke down by years, quarterly, month and week.

These kind of goals are really very hard to reach and it is more frustrating and depressing if you cannot achieve them. But one thing, this type of goal provide a crystal clear view of planning and the guidance.

Execution or performance goals

Execution goals are also known as performance goals because it focuses on the duration of the goals. It measures the activity that is to be done on daily basis. It helps in personal growth and helps in gaining concentration. It allows new ideas to flow.

An execution goal create a habit of achieving more clear goals with your potentiality. It makes the tasks more easier and simple.

How to set your goals on right track

It is very important to get your goals on right track whatever may the goal type be. Below given are 3 steps of how to set your goals right. Read it down.

  1. Clarification of goals: First of all, you have to set a clear view of goal because goal setting is not that easy task. Choose wisely by taking your time. It should include the various aspects of your life and career. You have know the difference between ‘reality’ and ‘achievable’ goals. Think deeply. For achieving any goal you have to come out of your comfort zone and must be that much confident that you can achieve your dreams. Start with the end in mind.
  2. Choose your goals carefully: Choose your goals very carefully. Choose that goals only where you can be committed and have the confidence that you can give your best not that goals where you are not confident. Better break your goals in short-term and focus on the targets that you want to achieve.. You have to specific, clear and target-oriented. One way to depict that your goals are clear is that asking yourself the questions like ‘How to measure success?’ and ‘How to know that you have reached your goal?’
  3. Plan how to reach your goals: focus on everything that is to be done to reach your goal. Divide your goals in small steps so that it become easy. A proper milestone and a structured must be formed to reach your goal. There will many obstacles but you have to overcome like your beliefs, facts, habits and many more. Make a list f all those facts, beliefs and habits that are stopping you from achieving your goals. Task and time management plays an important role in achieving your goal. Plan a deadline for every task of your goal.

Turn your dreams into reality

By practicing your goal setting, chasing your goals is hard, but you can make your goal into reality by doing hard work. Turn your  execution of goals into habits. By acquiring a good health, start the  preparation of achieving your goals.

There must be a reliable cash flow statement of your day  providing you the dream of achieving your goal rather than winning millions of money.

Start setting your goals right now

Always be honest with yourself. Think properly that are you really there where you want to see yourself? If not, give a try, sit with a pen and a paper and jot down the plans for your goals and start to act accordingly.

One framework of your setting your plans will help you to achieve your dream one day.

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