Dexcom Has Gifted an Easier Life to Diabetic Patients

Blood sugar, diabetes- are very common in these days. As we know diabetes is a group of diseases, that results in increased sugar level in blood. There are different kinds of diabetes like Type1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, etc.  With COVID 19, diabetes is also a very serious issue these days. We use many medicines, take insulin to control our diabetes. But no diabetic patient can check his/her diabetes or sugar level regularly. Also, many medicines used for diabetes have side effects. Dexcom Inc has brought an absolute solution for all diabetic patients. This company introduced manufacture and distributes a continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetes management. Dexcom not only a good care partner but also stored great data too. You can use Dexcom both for home use or as a professional media tool. Dexcom CLARITY software assists the user by providing a review, analysis, and evaluation of CGM data to support effective diabetes management.

 This gadget gives you an insight into how your body works, what is your blood sugar level is, etc. For a person with no diabetes, this may be an academic fascination. But for a diabetic patient, this is a life-changing gadget that can monitor and control diabetes.  Diabetes is now the seventh leading cause of death. Over 34 million people across the country are living with diabetes. For any diabetic patient, the glucose level of their body must be critical. Over 34 million people have diabetes. Now, you may think about the usability of traditional gadgets for diabetes. Take fingerstick as an example, this traditional gadget is painful for diabetic patient and many patients have to use it multiple times in a day. Pricking the fingerstick for multiple times in a day to monitor the sugar level is a very painful process. Dexcom brings relief for those diabetic patients who tolerate painful treatment for years.

Different types of diabetes affected a different part of our bodies. In the case of Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, which helps the body to absorb sugar and remove it from the bloodstream. For Type 2 diabetes the body gets unable to process and produce insulin effectively. People having Type2 diabetes, need to inject insulin to maintain blood sugar levels. They need to be in regular checking and monitoring.  Also, in recent times, the COVID patient has diabetes or poor glucose control, may have complications that lead to death. Many aged COVID patients have diabetes or high glucose variability. Intel chairman emeritus Gordon Moore anticipates that the number of components on a chip doubled every couple of years, in 1960. This law made electronics smaller and cheaper. Dexcom also making glucose monitors for years. They all are smaller, easy to handle, and convenient. Moore’s law helps to make more advanced and better glucose monitors. The latest monitor by Dexcom named Dexcom G6 Pro introduced in 2020.

Dexcom has a huge history of making monitors. This company founded in 1999 and introduced its first short term monitor in2004. It took 1 year to reach out to the public. Then from 2009 to 2018, it launched different upgraded glucose monitors. To maintain the tradition, they make this latest model Dexcom G6 Pro in a very advanced manner. You can attach an insulin pump directly to the monitor and the software algorithm will figure out how much insulin need to release into the patient’s bloodstream to counter the rise in blood sugar. G6 model has brought an immediate and dramatic change for the diabetic patient. Earlier in the G5 model patient needs to manually calibrate diabetes, every 12 hours, which means a patient needs to prick his/her finger two times a day to analyze the blood and match it with the monitor’s result. But in G6 model can automatically monitor your sugar levels and deliver the data to your apple watch. In this way, you can monitor your sugar levels 100 at a day without any pain. This model is also small and easy to carry.

Non-diabetic patients also can use it. Non-diabetic patients can use it in two-way, blinded mode, and unblinded model. In blinded mode, the real-time glucose data stay hidden from the particular patient and reviewed retrospectively with his/her his or her healthcare professional at the end of monitoring. In unblinded mode, the patient can see their glucose data for 10-day, the sensor can gain insight data and make treatment decisions. This new Dexcom model is a bit expensive which is around $900. But this is an amazing product for diabetic patients to monitor their blood sugar regularly. But you have to wear this model all the time and hard to share with someone else.  If your blood sugar level is spiking up and you are into the pre-diabetes stage, then also you can use the new Dexcom G6 pro model. This has a good sensor with FDA approval, with 9% of lab testing accuracy. There is a version that contains a transmitter that can last for 90 days. Here you can check your sugar level regularly even hourly. You can change the transmitter after 90 days and keep using the same models.

The new model delivers any data instantly within a second. This is a very useful gadget for doctors or medical professionals. You can take instant precautions based on the result given by the model. Athletes also can use it for checking up their blood sugar levels. Athletes many times have low sugar levels. By using this model, they can be updated with their sugar levels. The upcoming Dexcom model is also in the product pipeline for 2021.  A silver thin Dexcom G7 device with its inbuilt transmitter with the silver thin finish. Dexcom also makes the life of diabetic patients easier. They can now restrict their diet by their regular sugar level and will lead to a healthier life.

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