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Do I need to loose wait before I can start practicing yoga

This is the often question we all come across. Isn’t it? It is absolutely a not true.  Yes, having extra weight can make certain postures of yoga challenging and can increase the level of pain and blood pressure on the joints of your body.  But not practicing yoga until you loose weight is totally baseless.

When do we do yoga? We do yoga to get rid of both physical and mental pressure. When our stress and worldly pressure becomes high, we want relief. Right! Yoga and meditation is the only way to get into the ideal and spiritual world- beyond the materialistic world in which we live.  We find heavenly pleasure and bliss in doing yoga.

If we are strong and flexible with the postures of yoga, then there is no question of losing weight. Yoga benefits us to relax where we experience extreme level of struggle. We can do yoga all day until we think ourselves to be relaxed.

Yoga actually helps us to keep a healthy balance in all parts of our life as a healthy balance is an absolute necessary in this 21st century lifestyle. We are not supposed to attend yoga classes as a fait accompli but instead of that we are expected to go to yoga classes to make it an ideal and illusionary transformation. You must focus and concentrate  one thing while practicing yoga.

Remember not  having a ‘yoga body’ does not at all matter but what matters is the right posture and challenges you face. You can a make a remark and can motivate others. What matters is your choices, your natural nature, calmness and self-satisfaction. If you are well and satisfied with yourself, you can easily adopt and practice yoga even not having a ‘yoga body’.

Yoga have a deep impact in your lives. It encourages us to happy and stress free in our life. It is something very ordinary but still is very extra-ordinary. You just have to explore yourself. That’s all! Find what is right for you. 

Yoga do not have any connection with ‘yoga body’ instead it is connected to your soul. Give yourself some time to refresh your mind and soul. Celebrate your problems, solutions will automatically come and be proud of what body figure you have-it is just being finding comfort in your skin. Realise it!

We are masters of our own deception. At the end of the what it matters is what you think of yourself. Without thinking much about not having ‘yoga body’, start practicing yoga in your own comfortable skin and body.

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