The trap of thinking you are Special and entitled to Success

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’-Coco Chanel.

Is anybody seriously special? Is there anything wrong with being special? The answer is absolutely yes.

Very few people are special. But you do not fall into category. Have you ever gave a thought why? Because there is a downside to being classified as ‘special’.

Truly speaking, being special in today’s world and society means thinking that you are exception to the norms of society. It has very little to do with self-esteem and very much to do with self-deception.

As we all know that we are all masters of our own deception. ‘What sets you apart can sometimes feel like a burden and it’s not. And a lot the time, it is what makes you great.’-Emma Stone.

So let us honest for a little while.

Some of us have grown in family with a silver spoon in your mouth and you are central eye-catcher of your parents.  You are a good girl or a boy who is obedient in every way including being home before curfew and so on. In short you are given the privileges and the rest of the people put on a pedestal. It is very much assumed that you would be successful because well, you had such a beautiful perfect past ( of course it required a little work from your side). It just happened automatically.

Now let us come to the downside of this consequence. A child who grows up thinking that he/she is special, because rest world and their parents are treating them well-they will automatically begin to expect ease from life and would expect everything to come to them very easily. They actually begin to feel that they have been entitled to success very easily without putting much effort, Right!

But there will be a very soon realisation that you are not very special or neither you possess some special power.  You are not that beautiful or too smart to fail. Each and everything you do is not guaranteed to succeed.

Children who grow up into adults thinking they are beyond everything and are special, dear everyone has to face the harsh reality one or the other day. Remember you are not special, but you are privileged.

If you want to be a certain way, you must have the power to create it. Ego is one of your worst enemies. Thinking you are special is just an excuse the most painful reality of responsibility.

Okay, Still want to be special? Trust me special people do not have any concern with being special. Actually they just do not. You know special is not that important, instead doing something special is important. You must know to earn what you have. Work hard at meaningful and fulfilling work.

Learn to grow with your failures because you are not special. Accept it.

You should never fall victim or in the trap of thinking yourself to be special. Things won’t come to you until you work hard for that thing. Things won’t happen perfectly as you want. People who really think that  you are special and have conditioned you that everything will come to you with ease-actually a disadvantage for you.

Try to make use of yourself. Make your existence meaningful. Because you are one of a kind and your ‘specialness’ means something to you.

Life isn’t about yourself but ourselves. Use your perspective and abilities for doing good to others.

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