Feminine Hygiene is necessary

In today’s day and age, as women continue to balance their professional lives along with domestic responsibilities, they tend to overlook the importance of their own health and well-being. Feminine hygiene is one such necessity often neglected while keeping up with busy lifestyle.

Not just women, it is necessary for teens to be introduced to the importance and methods of keeping their intimate areas clean and infection free. It is imperative for them to be aware of how to maintain personal hygiene in order to stay healthy by avoiding virginal problems like-abnormal virginal discharge, virginal irritation, virginal dryness, unnatural odour, virginal infections and long- term fatal diseases, including cervical or ovarian cancer.

Following are some simple ways through which you can incorporate feminine hygiene into your daily routine to have a healthier life. Scroll this article down to know the ways.

  1. Ensure proper cleaning: Despite its self-cleaning system, it is essential to regularly and thoroughly clean the private parts using water or mild cleansers. Use hygiene products with well-balanced PH levels as excessive amount of soap can cause infections. But make sure before buying any intimate wash, wipes, or other feminine hygiene products.
  2. Wipe correctly: Once you are done using the washroom and taking a shower, follow the thumb rule of wiping front to back in order to avoid letting bacteria from your anal region move towards the vagina, which may lead to urinary infections. Make sure that you wash hands every time before and after using the washroom.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing: It is always recommended to avoid wearing tight clothes, and stick to breathable inner wear that allow air flow, preferably made of crotch linings of the same material. Sweat can cause virginal infections. Use clean cotton based underwear for daily use.
  4. Hygiene during menstruation: Every woman wants to feel clean, odourless and comfortable during that time of the month. Therefore it is of utmost importance to habitually change your sanitary napkins or tampon by being stringent about not wearing it for more than five to six hours. Also refrain from using scented products. Instead use warm water and mild soap to clean the area and feel fresh. Most importantly, avoid engaging in douching to prevent pelvic inflammatory diseases. Avoid sexual intercourse during these days of month.
  5. Intimate hygiene during summers: Our bodies tend to perspire more during summers, increasing the chances of bacteria infections due to sweat and rashes. Make sure to keep your intimate area clean and dry to prevent rashes, infections and odour.
  6. Hygiene pre and post-coitus: Safe and protected sexual intercourse is always recommended to safeguard yourself from any STDs. Wash your intimate areas with clean warm to avoid getting infected before and after coitus.
  7. Doctor visits: Apart from regular check-ups, stay vigilant for your intimate health. Sometimes the body may experience changes physically or hormonally, leading to changes in menstrual cycle or vaginal discharge. Do not hesitate to contact or visit your doctor in case of discomfort, infection.

Feminine hygiene is important to maintain overall health and should be part of one’s everything hygiene rituals. While the intimate region of a female’s body has a natural self-cleaning system, it is still important to take good care of it through hygiene practices, given that it’s the most sensitive zone.

However, as all bodies are different, consulting your doctors before using any of these is always recommended.

These tips can be kept in mind to ensure a healthy feminine routine and lifestyle. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you want know more interesting facts, just stay connected with us.

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