How to treat hiccups

How to treat hiccups?

Hiccups are experienced by people every now and then. Although it is not something that is to be enjoyed, hiccups are quite annoying. The scientific term for hiccups is Singultus. Hiccups are not caused because of some old and underlying health problems. It occurs because the diaphragm begins to spasm involuntarily and this leads to your vocal cords snap shutting when you breathe in and out and produces a peculiar sound. On a general note hiccups tend to vanish within a few minutes. If your hiccup lasts up to more than 48 hours then it turns into chronic hiccup and you need to visit a doctor for some medical help. Hiccups are signs tiredness; it indicates depletion of oxygen in the body. Hiccups often interfere with your eating and your talking and this happens mainly because of eating too quickly, having spicy food, being stressed and at times being exposed to temperature changes. Although there are limitless tricks to treat hiccups let’s take a look at some of the home remedies to find a few quick fix on how to treat hiccups.

  1. Holding your breath has been one of the oldest tricks to cure hiccups. Inhale a huge amount of air and hold on for a few seconds. Keep repeating it till the hiccup stops.
  2. Use a paper bag by placing it around your mouth and nose and breathe in and out into it. Avoid using a plastic bag as it is not healthy.
  3. Try hugging your knees by sitting down at a place and bring your knees close to the chest and hold on to that posture for a few minutes.
  4. Squeeze your chest by bending down to put a compression on your chest this will ensure to create a pressure on your diaphragm.
  5. You can try to apply pressure on your palm by the thumb of the other hand and repeat this a few times.
  6. Try pinching your nose to close it while you drink a glass of water.
  7. Drinking ice water slowly might help in controlling the hiccups.
  8. Here’s another old trick for you, drink water from the opposite side of the glass and see if this trick works for you.
  9. Drinking a glass of warm water in a single breathe is something that you might consider doing when you get hiccups.
  10. Here is a sweet trick for you; eat a spoonful of honey and let it melt in your mouth.
  11. Maybe you can try sucking on a lemon and add a pinch of salt to it before consuming it. It might work for you.
  12. Hiccups tend to go away when you don’t focus on it. So you should distract yourself by playing some games or doing some household work and keep yourself distracted.
  13. You can always get some of your friends to scare you or surprise you. This would distract you from the hiccups and eventually if will go away.

In most cases hiccups are cured in a few minutes or in a short span of time. These home remedies are a good way to get rid of the unwanted annoying hiccups in just a few minutes. These are easy and inexpensive home remedies so it is worth giving it a try to cure your hiccups. If the hiccups don’t go away after 48 hours then you should consider consulting a doctor and get some treatment and medication.

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