Home shoulder workouts- Top 11 shoulder exercises to do at home

Do you wish to workout but don’t want to hit the gym? You can always switch over to home workouts to make exercising more convenient for yourself. Strong shoulders are necessary because the shoulders take the burden of your daily activities. Shoulders are the most flexible joints in your body. Having strong shoulders makes exercising easier. Working constantly over your laptop or doing a desk job can cause your shoulders to ache severely.

You can take care of your shoulder pain and reduce it by doing some easy and hassle free shoulder workout exercises at home. This would strengthen your upper body which would help you loosen up the tight muscles. Another importance of shoulder exercise is that it strengthens your shoulder region making any lifting exercises easier. Shoulder workouts at home are the best way to start exercising for the beginners. Lets us look at the top eleven shoulder workouts that can be done at home.

Eleven shoulder workouts that can be done at home:-

  1. Arm circles- Arm circles are known to be a great form of warm ups. For performing this exercise you need to first stand up straight. Your feet should be of your shoulder width apart while standing. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and raise both of your arms at the height of the shoulder. Now roll your arms backwards and forwards without bending your arms for a specific number of times.
  2. Mountain climbers- Mountain climber is known to be a full body exercise. To do this exercise you need to be in the push up position and your hands need to be directly below or underneath your shoulders. Keep the core of your body tight and your lower back low as you bring one leg forward and draw your knee up between your arms. Jump up from both the legs and bring forward the other knee as the other leg is going back.
  3. Crab bridge- The crab bridge is one the of beginner exercises but it is a bit challenging to perform. To perform this particular exercise you start with from your back with your knees bent and keeping your feet flat on the floor. With the help of your arms push yourself up so your belly is in the air. Breathe in and out slowly while doing this and keeping your hands pushing towards the floor.
  4. Elevated pike (handstand) push up- This is an advance form of exercise. To do this exercise you need to start by keeping your feet up on a chair which is sturdy and then put your hands down on the floor about three feet from the point. You will find yourself partially upside down with your head facing downwards. The next part is you need to bend your elbows just the way you would do push ups and slowly bring your head downwards towards the floor. Your upper body should be straight and you should control your body while doing this exercise. Be careful while doing this exercise and stop when you feel that you cannot continue.
  5. Handstand- To boost your shoulder muscles you should practice doing handstand and hold it up for at least 30 seconds. You should perform the handstand against a wall to get support while doing it.
  6. Advanced table- This workout is a more difficult version of the crab bridge. To do this exercise you have to undertake the same inverted plank position that you needed to do for the crab bridge. Which means that your feet and hands should be on the floor and your belly should be up in the air. Now the difference here is that instead of pointing your fingers towards your head you need to point them towards your feet.
  7. Elevated hand walk- To do this exercise start with doing a plank which would be half a foot in front of a chair which should be sturdy. Your core of the body should be tight and then lift one hand on the chair followed by the next hand so that you end up in a plank position on the chair itself. After that lower down your hands back to where you started.
  8. Handstand push up- Handstand is a great fitness workout. To be able to do this exercise you need to be able to shoulder press the weight of your body. Continue doing this for a good workout.
  9. The wall walk push up- If the handstand  push up is not what you like to do then you can try this one. Do a handstand in front of a wall and your body should face the wall. Start with a proper and a normal handstand push up and put your feet against the wall. Then slowly move your body away from the wall with the help of your hands till you are vertical to the floor, do a push up then. Go back to the handstand position and do a push up there.
  10. Superman push up- Start as a regular push up by placing your arms straight in front of you. As your core is tight along with your back, bring yourself down. Push yourself back again while exhaling slowly. Remember to keep your arms expanded.
  11. The crow pose- This a stationary exercise based on balancing. To do this pose put your palms on the floor about two feet away from your feet. Bring your shoulders to the inside of your knees. Lean forward slowly and bring your body weight to your arms as your feet would lift off the ground. Maintain control as you would lift your body into the position. Lower your body slowly.

These eleven shoulder workouts at home would surely be beneficial to you if you try them out. Doing these shoulder workouts at home everyday would yield good results. While doing these exercises be careful and prevent injuries.

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