How to conquer negative thoughts?

You view the world through your mental attitude. If that attitude is predominantly negative, it can impact everything, including health, career, family, and many more issues. Further more negative thinking can have a spiralling effect that attracts more negative thinking.

Luckily we can slowly train ourselves over time on how to think by implementing simple techniques.

Below given are some few techniques you can follow to overcome your negative thoughts:

  1. Have a daily negative thought time: A paradoxical strategy to gain control over negative thinking is to commit to 10 minutes a day ruminating and reviewing them over and over again. Negative thought time must be 10 minutes and must be everyday. When you have a negative thought during the day, jot it down and tell yourself that you will review them during NTT. Over time, you will gain control and negative thinking will stop.
  2. Replace the negative thoughts: We do not overcome negative thought patterns, we replace them. For most of us, those negative thoughts patterns are well-worn neutral pathways. Notice when you have started the pattern, acknowledge that it’s a pattern you want to change, articulate what you want to be different and lastly choose a different behaviour-one that serves your goals.
  3. Be your own best friend: We are mean to ourselves. Nearly 90% of self-talk is negative. But you can release it. Let it out to help process not to dwell. Three minutes then the pity party is over. Track it. Identify when you have negative thoughts. Awareness will enable reframing. Lastly reframe it. Once you know why you are being mean, consider what your best friend would say to you. Then tell yourself what you need to hear.
  4. Write instead of think: Write down why the negative thought is present. Writing versus thinking helps purge the thought out, and when you can see the words on paper or a screen it is easier to make sense of it and move forward.
  5. Establish new habits: Rather than thinking of it in terms of overcoming negative thought patterns, think of it in terms of establish new habits. You do that by directing your attention to subjects where there’s nothing to overcome: subjects that you already feel good about, and therefore think positively about. That could be your pet, your painted toe nails, being outside the beach. Start with something easy.
  6. Focus on gratitude: Gratitude is underrated by most but is essential to a happy life. Life does not get easier, but we become stronger as we reframe difficulties by recognizing all of the little good things going on around us. Keep a good list and refer to it daily. Also focus on what you really want and be very specific. A focused, positive mind will attract what it is seeking over time.

So, these are certain ways by which you can overcome your negative thoughts. Try the above ways, we assure you, you will get a stress free and lead a healthy life.

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