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How to take good care of yourself during this pandemic

Right now, we all are fighting with our common enemy, which is COVID 19 or Corona Virus. This Unknown and unseen enemy almost changed our lifestyle. This pandemic locked us into our home and gift us death, poverty, depression, and uncertainty. We all are stuck in a darkened tunnel where there is no beam of light at the end. Corona Virus symptoms not only affect our physical health but also affect our mental health too. Checking the Corona Virus updates become part of our daily routine now.  But every fall is followed by a new bloom. We are hopeful that this pandemic will also bring resolution. We are coping up with the new normal and restart our work maintaining the precaution. The work in several industries has already started their work maintaining Corona precautions and protocol. Are you worried about yourself? Can’t you figure out how to take care of yourself during this pandemic? If yes then this article will help you out. In this article, you will find complete guidance about how to take good care of yourself during this pandemic.  

  1. Put Limitations in media consumption:

These days the media become our best friend. Checking media and Corona updates became our habit now. We use the media for so long until we get bored. These constant checking make us aware and also provide important information. But this constant use of media may make you feel isolated and lonely. Also, a bunch of depressive news may bring anxiety and stress. So, use media for a limited time in a day. Involve yourself in other activities and stay away from the fake news.

  • Participate in virtual hangouts:

Due to lockdown and social distancing, we all are bound to stay apart from each other which makes us feel lonely and isolated. We all miss our social life and outing. Are you feel the same? If yes, then meet-up with your friends and relatives virtually. Participate in virtual get-togethers and parties. Social media platforms introduce several features for virtual catch-ups. Use them and stay in touch with your mates and friends, share your experience, do some chit-chat, listen to their experiences in lockdown, or may have a walk down the memory lane. Virtual hangouts may boost you up with positive energy and make you feel happy. It blurs the line of social distancing between us and we get the essence of social connection through it. 

  • Try to stay fit and active:

Due to lockdown, all gym and yoga classes are shut. Our daily physical movement has also become limited as we all are at home. But staying fit and healthy is the most important to fight with Corona Virus. You need to continue your exercise routine and start doing exercise at home. You can also take the help of several fitness tips and videos from YouTube or other online platforms. You also need to taking care of your mental health as well. Meditation and Yoga will help you to maintain good mental health.

  • Consume homemade meals only:

In this time of crisis, a homemade meal can only make you happy. Cause right now, only the homemade meals are the safest option for us. Consuming fast food or ordering food has a huge risk of contamination. Also, before and after consuming fast food or ordered food there is a long process of sanitization. So, to avoid all these hurdles homemade foods are the safest option. You can also take help for several recipes and ideas on google, YouTube, or any other online platforms. Also, cooking can reduce your stress, anxiety, and tensions and make you happier and more positive. 

  • Use immune support tonics:

Till date, we do not have any vaccine or solutions for COVID 19. So the only way to fight with this pandemic is to increase your immunity power. And to increase immunity we have to use some immune support supplements or tonics. Supplements must contain vitamin C and D, or, you can take zinc tabulates or vit. A-Z capsules. These supplements can increase your immunity and you feel quite safe.

  • Store emergency essentials:

Due to quarantine and lockdown, we are not allowed to go out whenever we want. So we need to store our emergency essentials like food grains, medicines, masks, sanitizer, etc. The sudden shortage of essential commodities may bring tension, stress, and anxiety. So store your essential things properly. If you are unable to go to the store then use online services for essential commodities.

  • Be kind and generous:

Generosity is a very positive attitude. It comes from well wishes and prayers which is very good for our emotional health. It is scientifically proven that practice to be generous activates the part of our brain related to pleasure and social connection. It also helps the brain to release endorphins which produce positive vibes. In medical terminology, this is called “helper’s high”. It not only decreases your stress but also lowers the risk of blood pressure and other health issues caused due to stress. Showing love and kindness towards others even in the time of pandemic make us more satisfied as a human being. This feeling of satisfaction provides us happiness. Also, it blurs the distance between people happens due to the pandemic.

  • Try new things:

We are now stuck at home and have enough free time. You can use this time productively. This lockdown and quarantine period gives you a chance to upgrade your skillset. You can give more time to your passion. You can also learn new things like playing an instrument, learn different languages, making handicrafts, etc.  If you want to upgrade your academic skill, you can do online certified courses. So, this lockdown makes yourself more creative or artistic by using online platforms.

  • Relax as well as enjoy this quarantine:

Do not get depressed due to this isolation. Look at this crisis from an optimistic viewpoint. This lockdown brings us an opportunity to spent time with our family. Enjoy this time with your family or loved once. Watch movies with your family or watch relaxation videos on online platforms. These may uplift your moods too. Also spent time doing household work. It will make you active and reduce your boredom. Also, You can take a mental break anywhere from thirty seconds to thirty minutes to inward your attention from outside influence. Meditation, walking, exercise, dancing, etc are the few ways to take a mental break.

  1. Allow your feelings to flow:

It is a depressing time and we all are trying hard to stay positive and happy. We all know that stress, anxiety pain are terrible feelings and sometimes it become intolerable too. Most of the time we want to skip or suppress these feelings. Instead of allowing them to flow we suppress them with a distraction like social media, TV, food, or drugs. Cry out loud if you want to but do not suppress your feelings. Distractions can just suppress the pain and the pain just bottle up into us. So, try to allow your emotion to flow even in private places.  This may help you to feel relax and lighter, also you can get rid of the pain.

COVID 19 makes our lives challenging. Depression, poverty, death, uncertainty, are there in the doorsteps.  In this situation stress, anxiety, are the most common thing. But only our positivity is the most important weapon to fight against this pandemic. We all need to come together to fight against it. We all need to help each other in this crisis. Please do not misbehave with the COVID positive patient. Help them and their family members. Our patience, tolerance, gratitude, generosity can make others’ lives better. We just need to follow the COVID guideline given by Government to make us safe. Also do not feel shy to share your problems with others. It doesn’t make you weak but makes you brave enough to come up with your problems openly. Do not give up due to challenges or problems, fight with these bravely. Always give importance to yourself, love yourself, and stay positive.

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