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Loving Your Body Is Just Like Loving Your Own Child

We all want to be pretty in our own way. Some of us want to be thin and fair, some of us want to have a six-pack body or a perfect jawline. We also tried hard to achieve all these. We all have a different definition of beauty but at the end of the day, we all want to be perfect. We all are running in the race of being perfect and good-looking but none of us are running for being happy. Self-compassion and kindness are very important for us to accept ourselves. We are not happy for ourselves cause many times we can’t accept our bodies. In medical terms, this is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Having this disorder people especially teenagers believe that the parts of their body or their whole body look ugly or they can’t match the stereotypical level of beauty. Feeling upset for their look, try to fix their look to be more beautiful, use the false or edited image on social media, etc. are the symptoms of BDD. Are you depressed because of your body? Do you think that you are not beautiful? If yes then this article is for you. Through this article, you will find many reasons to love your body. Also, you can find some tips to recover BDD.

Find the dissatisfaction:

Firstly, you need to find out why you are dissatisfied with your body. Also, many times we may adopt dissatisfaction from others. Our friends, family, or relatives are may not be satisfied with our bodies. Do not inherit dissatisfaction from others. You need to accept your body first. Do not entertain any bad feelings from others while dealing with your relationship problems. 

Avoid unrealistic beauty reminders:

Social media images heavily influence the internal beauty standards of teenagers. These social media images always set a high bar of beautification which influences the users badly. Social media, movies, online platforms always promote unrealistic beauty and make a stereotypical idea of beautification. As a result, people tried to achieve those unrealistic beautifications and fails miserably. This failure bring depression, inferiority complex, BDD, etc. Also, this typical definition of beauty is promoted by the media and make our society more judgmental.

Focus on your ability:

We always want what we don’t have but never appreciated the ability we have. Do not worried about your look. Always be confident with your talent and abilities. Only Your talents and abilities can make you remarkable. Your look can make you beautiful but cannot make you unique. Concentrate on your skill set, try to improve and update your skills. This will increase your self-confidence.

Understand your strength and weakness:

It is important to know your strength and weaknesses to accept yourself. Also to work on your weaknesses you need to know yourself in a better way.  After knowing this it is being easy for you to improve your strength. But always remember, do not get depressed for your weaknesses. Try to convert your weaknesses into your strength.

Do not stick in the fantasy:

We are not happy with what we have. We always have certain dissatisfaction for ourselves and with this dissatisfaction, we always question our abilities. Also, we always compare ourselves with others. We always found others flawless but got ourselves full of blemishes.  Also, we want to achieve the definition of beautification given by media, which is completely absurd. We need to be happy with what we are and what we have. Always remember, the purity of your soul, the size of your heart, and the broadness of your mind can only make you beautiful. The size of your heels and the shades of your compact can only make an illusion for you.

Love yourself:

Loving yourself and your body is the most important thing. Taking care of your body also make you happy and improve your self-confidence. Our body is the ultimate wealth we have and we have to take care of it. Eating healthy food and doing exercise can keep your body fit and also increase your energy level.

Do not get controlled by feelings and emotions:

Feelings and emotions are the most important and valuable part of our life. But never let these feelings to get control over you. Make sure that these feelings will not prevent you from doing anything you want. Do not make your feelings to be your boss. Always remember, feelings are important to make you emotional but not to make you a looser.

Beautification is a belief not a product. Also, the word beautiful is relative, so different people have different points of view about beauty. Do not get depressed about not being beautiful. To be beautiful you don’t need to transform your body. Every creature is beautiful in its own way, it just depends on the point of view. But still, our society has several parameters for being pretty or good-looking. Based on these parameters we judge and bully others which leads to suicide, depression, and several other issues. Always accept yourself for what you are. Never giving up on yourself and your ability. Our body is just a medium, so love this medium. But don’t be upset about the external beauty. Try to enhance the beauty of your heart, brain, mind, and viewpoint because these can make you eternally beautiful. do not feel shy to share your problems with others. Do not give up due to challenges or problems, fight with these bravely. Always give importance to yourself, love yourself, and stay positive.

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