Mental Health is needed during this Pandemic Crisis

The Corona virus outbreak risks sparking a global mental health crisis. UN calls for urgent action to address the psychological suffering brought on by the pandemic crisis.

While protecting physical health has the main concern during the first months of the crisis, it is also placing huge mental strains on large swathes of the global population. After decades of neglect and under-investment in mental health services, the COVID-19 pandemic is now hitting families and communities with additional  mental  stress.

Even  when the pandemic is brought under control, grief, anxiety  and depression will  continue to affect people  and communities. The UN highlighted the mental  strains on  people fearing that they  or loved ones will be infected or die from the  novel  corona virus. 

It also pointed to the  psychological  impact on vast numbers of people who have lost  or at  a risk of losing their  livelihoods, have been  separated from   loved ones or  have  suffered  under  drastic  lockdown  orders.

Tremendous  stress-  we know that  the  current  situations, the fear  and  uncertainty, the  economic   turmoil –they  all cause or could  cause  psychological  distress. 

Health care  workers and first responders operating under  high stress, pointing to  news reports indicating rise in suicides among  medical  workers. A  whole host of  other groups also  face  particularly psychological challenges brought on by the crisis.

Children are being kept  out of school, for instance, face uncertainty and anxiety .

Things to  be done  to keep stress out :

  1.  Help  children find positive ways to express feelings  such  as  fear and sadness.
  2. Try to keep children  close to  their parents and  family.
  3.  Do things that  you  like or prefer.
  4. Maintain   a  proper family  routine or create a new routines.
  5. Stay connected and maintain your social network.
  6. During stress time, pay heed to your own feelings.
  7. Minimize watching, reading or listening news about COVID-19.
  8. Learn simple daily physical exercise to perform at home during the days of lockdown.
  9. Do meditation for inner peace
  10. Try to provide support to your loved ones in this pandemic crisis.
  11. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy foods and stay healthy and cheerful  all  the times.

So it is actually very necessary to stay mental fit during this pandemic crisis situation .  Besides  being physically fit, mentally fit is also  much  needed. Try to follow the above things to keep yourself stress free. We assure you will be free and be mentally fit to some extent.

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