Non- alcoholic drinks: Refreshing drinks and nourishing drinks

Last week we brought an article regarding stimulating drinks. This week we are again here with other two kinds of non-alcoholic drinks-refreshing and nourishing drinks.

Let us know these very ordinary drinks in an extra-ordinary way. In this article we will be talking about some interesting facts about refreshing drinks and nourishing drinks!

So without any further intro, let us begin.

About non-alcoholic drinks

Basically non-alcoholic drinks or beverages are classified into two main categories-

  • Refreshing drinks: These are items like colas, squashes, syrups and Ades. In this category would be placed soda and tonic water, which are also excellent mixers to alcoholic spirits,
  • Nourishing drinks: These include malted ones like Ovaltine, Bournvita, Horlicks, milkshakes, fruit juices and mock-tails which are a combination of fruit juices.

Now let us know certain facts about these drinks and how each is served! Getting excited, scroll this article down. Have a happy reading ahead.

Refreshing Drinks

These are mostly aerated waters, which are a combination of water, carbon dioxide that gives the fizz, sugar and artificial essence. Common essence used, belong to the citrus family giving lemonade and orangeade. Modern food technology has brought to the consumer refreshing drinks of various other fruits such as peach, apple, litchi and many more.

Types of refreshing drinks

  1. Colas: These come under the category of refreshing drinks and have flooded the market. Branded ones like Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Sprite, 7 Up and Miranda are few popular drinks, each with its own secret formula of preparation. All colas have a generous infusion of carbon dioxide to the drink a fizz.
  2. Syrups and squashes: These are concentrated fruit essences sweetened with sugar syrup. They are not carbonated. Common ones under this category are the orange squash, lemon squash, strawberry and raspberry syrups.
  3. Soda and Tonic water: Soda is purified carbonated water while tonic water is sweetened water with an injection of quinine. They may be drunk alone but are better known as mixers with alcoholic spirits.

Service of Refreshing Drinks

  • Be aware of the refreshing drinks stocked by the property to be able to give the guest the correct choice.
  • Make sure to ask whether it is preferable chilled or at room temperature, though they are best served cold.
  • Refreshing drinks are served in high ball glasses.
  • Colas may be garnished with a slice of lemon, wedged on the rim. Colas are served with a straw.
  • Squashes and syrups are served in high ball glasses diluted with water, ice and a straw.

These are certain interesting facts about refreshing drinks. Now let us quickly come to some interesting facts of nourishing drinks.

Nourishing Drinks

Fresh fruits juices and milk have been traditionally associated with this category. Modern technology has brought top the public tinned juices with preservatives of practically all fruits including mango, pineapple and many more.

Types of Nourishing Drinks

  • Vegetable juices: Tomato juice, carrot juice and any other drinks that are prepared from veggies. These are beneficial for health.
  • Malt drinks: These are sweetened powder mixes that dissolve readily in milk to give a rich and wholesome drink like Bounvita, Horlicks, Cocoa and many more.
  • Mocktails: These are fruit juices prepared from exotic fresh fruits. These are amazing to taste!

Services of Nourishing Drinks

  • Malted nourishing drinks are portioned in coffee pots and served in a coffee cup and saucer with a long handled spoon
  • Juices are served in juice glasses.
  • Mocktails are being served in exotic mocktail glasses and have exotic preparations and presentations.

These are certain amazing and interesting facts about nourishing drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks have become a part of  daily life. We want refresh ourselves and at the bed time want to warm ourselves with nourishing drinks.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Stay connected with us for further updates!

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