Power, Hot and other Vinyasa based flow Yoga and Health

High intensity interval training (HIIT) got a high popularity, but this kind of workout often leads stiffness and tight muscles. It makes it more important than ever to factor some restoration exercise into your daily routine.

Yoga is very versatile, but there are several different styles of practicing these yoga. Beginners can seriously get confused. Got excited and want to more about these styles, go ahead with this article. It will serve as a guide to your questions.

If you simply interested in taking up yoga, here are some most popular variations you may come across. Let us together learn them.


Vinyasa is the broadest term for flow yoga which is very much popular in the western world or western culture. It applies to the principle of synchronising movement with breath. In a vinyasa yoga class, everything is guided by your breath. It says for how long you can hold a pose for and each posture flows into the next. Sounds quite interesting.

It is like inhaling brings your arms up into the air, exhaling fall forward into your legs. It includes consciousness, breath and movement.


Actually there are number of Power Yoga styles and it was made popular by Baron Baptiste. It is very quick, it is even punchy and is sometimes being practised in a heated or hot room.

The only downside of Power Yoga, that you are going to a get sweat on and feel aerobically challenged. But for the beginners, you need a proper guidance and must focus on yoga fundamentals. It is very often practiced in western world.


It is for those who really want to push themselves. This yoga, originally ‘hot yoga’ founded and got its name from Brikam Choudhury. It is a set series of 26 postures in 90-minute class in a room heated to 40 degree C. Bikram himself apparently calls the room ‘torture chambers’

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga refers to any style of yoga practised in a heated room. It can be influenced by many schools of yoga. Of course the classes short, lasting for 60 minutes, and they are sometimes slightly less hot like 33 degree C –which many people find more manageable.

By keeping your muscles warm, it can help you avoid injury and added intensity of the heat is thought to help burn fat faster. It offers your body a detoxifying effect


Actually all yoga comes from Hatha Yoga, including Vinyasa and Ashtanga-it is posture based yoga. You can practice this yoga whenever your time-table permits you.

It is basically a typically a technique-centred class that is not mainly on ‘flow’ and is heavily oriented around learning the yoga fundamentals.

Rocket Yoga

Yes you guessed right! From the name only we can understand that it is a fast style yoga. It is a derivative of Ashtanga. It brakes the rigidity of the classic practice of Ashtanga.

It has a very playful and set a structure. It is more accessible to the westerners.

Doing yoga can benefit you by loosing your weight and make you more healthy. It even reduces many skin problems during teenage. It helps to glow from inside.

By now you came to know about the various forms of yoga. Do not wait, go and prepare a time-table for regularly practicing yoga at-least for half an hour. Keep yourself fit all the time.

It regime your both body and mind after a stressful work schedule.

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