The five best upper body exercises that you are not doing

Exercising daily is an essential part of leading a healthy life. It is not wise to neglect exercise especially your upper body workout. While there are quite a number of good upper body exercises that will help you reach your body goals like push ups, dips or overhead press. But there are also a number of strong exercises that can help you just as much than the other mainstream exercises that are done in the gym. These exercises are often overlooked but they will help you sculpt your upper body and give you the desired results.

The upper body is the area where the majority of your aesthetic appearance comes from. The sculpted abs, the big arms and strong shoulders also the big back look very impressive. They are all a part of the upper body and daily workout is a must to maintain your upper body. Let us look at the five best upper body exercises that you are not doing but you need to do them.

Five best upper body exercises:-

  1. Bent-over rowTo do this exercise you have to stand tall and hold a set of dumbbells on both your sides with your palms facing your body.  You have to keep your back staright, your core should be braced and knees should be slightly bent. It should be bent at the waist so that your back is just above and parallel to the floor. Make sure your arms should hang towards the floor. Now you need to row the dumbbells to the sides of your ribs. You need to squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. Pause for a few seconds then slowly lower your arms back down. Repeat it for ten to twelve times.
  2. Dumbbell bench pressThis is a great arms exercise. For this exercise you will have to lay down with your back on a flat bench. Hold the dumbbells in each of your hands and it should be directly above your chest. Now raise your arms straight above your chest with your palms facing forward. Now slowly bend your elbows to lower the dumbbells till your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Pause for a few seconds and then press up and slightly in so that you have your arms fully extended. Repeat it for ten to twelve times.
  3. Push up– To do the pushups, place your hands on the floor shoulder width apart and extend your legs behind you. Now brace your core and lower your body till your chest is just slightly above the floor. You have to take two seconds to lower down your body and then two seconds to press back up again. You have to keep your back flat throughout the exercise.  Your elbows should be close to the sides of your torso and you have to fully extend your elbows at the top of the pushup. Repeat this ten to twelve times.
  4. Pull up- To do a pull up exercise you have to grab on to a bar at which should be slight of your shoulder width, with a supinated grip and your palms should be facing you. You need to keep core tight and pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar. Hold for a second and then slowly lower your body. Repeat this for ten to twelve times.
  5. Deadlift- To perform this exercise you need to stand with feet hip width apart and bend your hips back. Grip the bar outside of your knees. Keep your back flat and extend your hips to stand up. Pull the bar up along with your body until the lockout and your hips drive through and your shoulders move back. While you are pulling keep your eyes on the ground a few feet in front of you. Now carefully lower the bar back to the starting position. Repeat this ten to twelve times.

These are the five best upper body exercises that you should do. Do not skip these as they are very essential for building your body strong and healthy. These are the top five best upper body exercises that you can perform without much difficulties. Add these exercises to your daily workout schedule and see the best results for yourself.

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