The role of meat and dairy in triggering type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes has been a cause of rapidly deteriorating health. Type 1 diabetes also called insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset diabetes happens when a person’s body generates very little or no insulin. This turns out into autoimmune destruction of the insulin generating cells in the pancreas. These are called the beta cells. This leads to the body’s immune system to attack its own cells. This diabetes is hereditary and children have a risk of developing it. Mostly the children and the adolescents show the symptoms of the type 1 diabetes. Maintaining a proper healthy and nutritious diet in people with type 1 diabetes can be quite challenging, as there are many do’s and don’ts’ of consuming meat and dairy products.

This has turned out to be an alarming question for many as they want to know if consuming meat and dairy products would be beneficial in any way or would it trigger the type 1 diabetes. So let us find out if taking in meat and dairy products would be useful or not.
Including protein in your diet helps in building the body and maintaining the tissues and also replacing it. The organs of your body, muscles and the immune system consist of proteins. It is a good practice to choose your protein source carefully if you have diabetes. Consuming red meat
like beef, lamb, pork can increase the risk of diabetes even though the quantity taken is very less.
Replacing the red meat with other protein sources like whole grains, nuts, fish, poultry and low fat dairy products can reduce the risk of diabetes by 35%. We should also take a note on any protein foods that are high in fat are harmful and not at all healthy for the people with diabetes because it
would lead to gaining of weight and increase in the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (a type of fat) in the body.

Protein food that should be avoided:
• Red meat like lamb, beef and pork
• Processed meats like hot dogs and bacon
• Ribs and the fatty portion cuts of the meat
• Deep fried fish
• Poultry with the skin on it.
Proteins that can be included in the diet:
• Lentils
• Nuts
• Beans
• Soy beans and soy products
• Seafood
• Eggs
• Poultry without the skin on
• Tofu
Dairy foods are a good source of calcium, protein and vitamins. It also contains a particular sugar called lactose. People with type 1 diabetes can include dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese in their diet if they are careful with the carbohydrate intakes. Type 1 diabetes increase the
health risk of cardiovascular disease along with obesity. Full fat dairy food can increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. So it is better to choose low fat dairy products for consumption.

Dairy food that should be avoided:
• Whole milk
• Full fat cottage cheese
• Full fat yogurt
• Full fat ice cream
• Full fat sour cream
• Sweet yogurt
• Any milk base drinks which has sugar.
Dairy products that can be included in the diet:
• Fat free food or reduced fat in the food
• Low fat plain yogurt
• Low fat sour cream
• Low fat cottage cheese
• Soy milk or nut milk
Symptoms of type 1 diabetes are:
• Extreme thirst
• Frequent urination
• Fatigue
• Upset stomach
• Dryness of mouth
• Increase of hunger
• Heavy breathing
Exercises like running and long walks can turn out to be beneficial for the diabetic people. As
exercising affects the blood sugar level you should balance the insulin dose and the food intakes
as per whichever activity you are doing. Consuming food full of nutrients is a good way to avoid
health problems due to type 1diabetes and it also helps to keep the body energized and active.
Meeting the doctor for regular checkups is very necessary.

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