Top seven best cardio exercises to burn fat

Cardio is known to be a great form of exercise to burn fat and get a slim body. You can opt for it to shed toughs extra pounds. Cardio exercises works by increasing the rate of your heart and burning down the calories in the form of glucose and fat. But you should know that not all types of cardio are good for weight loss and your health. It is said that that moderate-intensity cardio is not quite effective as high-intensity cardio and it also leads to muscle loss and hurts your joints.

Cardio workouts are the easiest way to lose fat. Cardio on being coupled with weight-training is one of the oldest trick to lose fat.  You can use the cardio machine to do the exercise but you should be aware that every cardio machine works differently on the body.  So let us find out what are the high-intensity fat burning exercises for fat loss. Let us look at the top seven best cardio exercises to burn fat.

Top seven cardio exercises to burn fat:-

  1. Walking– Walking is the easiest and the best cardio exercises for fat loss. It is one of those workouts which you can include into your daily routine without having to stress over your schedule too much. Walking is a cardio exercise which helps you to burn 300 to 400 calories per hour. This is an inexpensive workout. But don’t confuse yourself between light evening stroll and fast paced walking. Light evening stroll won’t help you lose 400 calories. Walking helps you to balance a healthy weight. Daily walking also helps you strengthen your bones and muscles.
  2. Cycling– Cycling is another beneficial cardio exercise. You can use the stationary cycle at the gym or even use a moving bicycle to do this exercise. By cycling you will be able to burn 1200 calories in just an hour. Cycling is not only one of the best cardio exercises for fat loss but it also helps you to strengthen muscles of your leg and also builds stamina.
  3. Skipping Rope– Skipping a rope is a workout that you did as a child. Jumping a rope is quite easy, you jump and hopscotch. Skipping might look like a light workout but it isn’t so. Skipping rope is also one of the go to equipment for athletes and boxers. Skipping help you build stamina and it is also considered as one of the best cardio exercises for fat loss. Skipping is slightly more intense than doing walking so make sure to take a few seconds break after jumping the rope for a minute straight.
  4. Swimming– Swimming is yet another best cardio exercise to burn fat. Doing swimming works your body out in the best way possible because of its nature of exercise. Swimming can help you lose approximately 14 calories in a single minute. Swimming has far fewer downsides compared to other cardio exercises and it is a good way to lose weight.
  5. Rowing– Rowing machine is another gym equipment used for cardio. Working out on rowing helps in losing weight. The rowing machine works out your full body and can help you lose almost 600 to 1000 calories per hour. Rowing is an intense workout and is very beneficial for losing the desired weight.
  6. Stair training– Climbing stairs can help you burn around  600 calories.  You can also achieve this even when you’re working out at a moderate pace. Stair training is also a great cardio exercise for loosing fat and the only things you require for performing this workout is a pair of running shoes and a flight of stairs. If you have any problems with your knee joint then you should not do this exercise.
  7. Elliptical– Doing elliptical workouts can help you burn around 500 calories per hour even if you are doing it at a moderate speed. To make it more effective you can speed up your elliptical workout. The elliptical is a perfect way of losing unwanted fat it does not hurt the joints. An elliptical works out your entire body.

These are the top seven best cardio exercises to burn fat. All of these are fat burning exercises and can be performed without any difficulties. A few of these exercises can be performed at home. Try these exercises out for yourself and lose the desired amount of fat that you want. 

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