Vitamin D Supplements for increasing Aging Muscle Strength

Although the condition of deformed bones and muscles had been for centuries, it was not until 1922,that the cause of rickets was discovered. But not the bones but also our muscles that responds to Vitamin D. Due to our aging process, slowly and gradually our muscles loose Vitamin D receptors. It leads to a poorer performance during the old age.

Want to know about vitamin D supplements for increasing aging muscle and bone strength? Go ahead with this article. This article is a complete guide to your good health.

The vitamins are all soluble either in fat or in water. The role of vitamins in human nutrition may be divided into two broad categories:

  • Prevention of diseases and
  • Participation in regulations of body processes.

Vitamin D helps in metabolism and absorption of calcium and phosphorus which are essential components for the development of bones and muscles. It also helps in cutting of teeth. The very next question that comes in our mind is ‘Should Vitamin D Supplements can be taken to reduce falls in the old age?’ Here lies the irony, low vitamin D never leads to weakness of muscles but the weakness in muscles and bones leads to low vitamin D. Vitamin D is the fat soluble vitamin and is also known as ‘sunshine vitamin’. If you are weak to run outside, the co-relation cannot really be explained.

Yes, vitamin D can be taken as supplement to prevent fall and increasing muscle strength. It too helps in improving balance- it cause a neurological effect or even a cognitive effect. If you have already fallen already, you might take the help of Vitamin D to support but it can cause high risk in blood pressure, high risk in heart arteries and brain too. So it is better and advisable to take up a test so that you might get know that at which stage of risk you belong to?

Let us discuss about the sources of Vitamin D. Natural sources of foods are poor sources of Vitamin D except that small amounts of it are present in egg yolk, liver and fish. Fish liver oils provide the most important source of this vitamin and should be included daily in the diets of growing children, pregnant and lactating mothers and the elderly people.

Although ultraviolet rays of sunlight help in the synthesis of Vitamin D but one cannot always depend on it as dust, smoke, fog particularly the clothing and ordinary window panes acts as barriers to to prevent rays reaching the skin. The formation of vitamin D by the action of sunlight depends on many factors such as duration and intensity of exposure to sunlight and the colour of skin. Heavily pigmented skins prevent ultra-violet rays from the deeper layers of skin and the adequate synthesis of the steroid hormone is either totally stopped or retarded.

The American Geriatric Society, recommends a sum total of 4000 IU a day. We should take at-least 700 to 1000 units of vitamin D per day. But AGS never recommends periodic mega doses of vitamin D.

Vitamin D can improve mood and mental strength as well as physical strength. Yes, you heard it right! It can. Your physical performance gets improved and therefore more people tends to move around more and thus there you encounter an increase in fall in risk. The elderly people when given Vitamin D supplements, they get burst out in excess physical strength, mental strength. It may  difficult to suddenly catch their such an improving performance in muscles. You have take and guess it slow.

But of-course it has disadvantage. Such high and unexpected dose of vitamin D supplement can be the cause of your muscles damage permanently. It can lead to progressive drop in fracture risk and it is really threatening.

So the bottom line is that Vitamin D supplement may appear to be very helpful in preventing falls and increase muscle strength but the best way to increase your muscles strength and prevent fall at old age or elderly stage of life is ‘exercise’. You can clearly find that medication may be good to regain your muscle strength but the best is natural medication-exercise.

The vitamin D is stable to heat as well as oxidation. So it is far more better to apply and practice natural way of regaining your muscle strength.

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