What is Dharma Talk in Yoga?

Dharma talk is simply a sermon or a lecture given to a public by a teacher. It roots out from Buddhist cultures. When it comes to yoga, there’s so much that can be taught and shared by a yogi during a Dharma talk. Dharma talk can be an effective tool for introducing the vast historical philosophies of yoga to the student.

Dharma talk on topics such as love, peace, self-love, strength, seem to have an un-erasable impression on the students. Nowadays, more and more people look up to yoga for inspiration, wisdom and knowledge. Discussing various yoga philosophies through Dharma talk, during a yoga session, seems to serve the purpose.

Organization of thoughts into comprehensible messages is the key to have an effective Dharma talks. Dharma talks shouldn’t be lengthy, but rather crisp and penetrable.

Some themes that can form the center of your Dharma talk are :- love, non-judgment  unity, surrender, refinement.

Here are some points that can be considered as keys to an effective Dharma talk :-

  1. Sharing your story :-

Yoga isn’t all about performing asanas and meditation. It is also about building peaceful relationships with your community. You can always start a yoga session with a Dharma talk about your experiences and how the age-old philosophies of yoga have been instrumental in improving your choices and perspectives.

  • Being empathetic :-

When you share your story, you’ll realize that many will agree to have faced the same situations like that of yours. This will, in turn, promote a feeling of empathy. Dharma talk doesn’t only strive to provide people with wisdom and knowledge, but also helps them in utilizing the acquired knowledge in their day to day life.

  • Transcend knowledge  :-

During a Dharma talk session, you can also read out some books to your class. Books written by great yogis, containing wisdom and advice can be used to transcend learning and knowledge. The life experiences of the sages which have been described in their books will teach the attendees how to face various life challenges, keeping in mind the philosophies of yoga.

Dharma talk Inspires an individual to keep going and moving forward in life no matter what. The life experiences of yogi’s enlighten the students about the utility of the philosophies. Dharma talk can prove to be vital in building confidence and such human virtues that help in the maintenance of global harmony.

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