What Meat and Eggs can do to our Microbiome

Health is the ultimate wealth we have and to maintain this priceless wealth we need to follow proper diet plans. A healthy lifestyle and proper diet plan will definitely take care of your heath. Staying fit and fine become the new tend.  But foods we consume through our regular diet may harmful for our body or microbiome. Microbiome is the aggregation of all microbiota lives in biofluids and human tissues. The collective genomes of the microbes consist of bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, protozoa, and viruses. Now, most of you thought that how microbiome is related to our regular diet. Our regular diet plays a very important role in shaping the human microbiome. If you want to take care of your microbiome then you need to bring some change in your diet. And this article will help you to bring that change.

Animal proteins like egg, meat, and dairy are over common ingredients of our regular diet plans. These foods are rich with proteins and nutrients and most of us eat these on a regular basis. But, diet rich with high animal proteins can be very harmful to the gut microbiome. These microbiomes help us to digest food and boost up our immunity power as well. Trimethylamine oxide ( TMAO) is a toxic compound found in our bloodstream. This toxic compound can higher the risk of heart attack and stroke. The food contains choline, such as eggs, which can turn into TMAO by gut bacteria. Maximum diet plans contain eggs in it. Eating more eggs can lift up your TMAO level which is not good for your health as well as your microbiome. Carnitine is another compound like choline, which found in red meat, energy drinks, and supplements .  Consumption of animal protein regularly can shoot up your TMAO level which can be very harmful to the gut microbiome.

People who consume plant-based diet, have lower levels of TMAO. So, developing plant-based diet plan should be good for your microbiome.  Meat-free diet can also, influence our metabolism process. A strict plant-based diet can prevent you from diseases as well as improve your immunity. People who follow plant based diets have lower risk of heart disease because they consume less saturated fat and cholesterol. While you are on plant-based diet, you need to intake at least 40g of fiber which can reduce your heart diseases as well as help you to reduce weight.  You can even also try vegan diet plans. Seasonal food and high fiber vegetables should be added in your regular diet. You may think that avoiding eggs and meats can weaken your body. But these will bring many diseases which may become the cause of your death too.

Meat and eggs contain many important nutrients like proteins, irons, zeaxanthin, antioxidants, etc. Eggs especially provide essential amino acids and stabilize blood sugar level as well. But high cholesterol problems and heart diseases come through these two food elements. So your diet must not contains only animal proteins. Cause it may lead you to an unhealthy future. Combination of proper animal based and plant based diet should be good for you. If you are confuse about your diet plan you should consult to a dietician for proper balance diet.

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