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Which martial arts to choose and why?

Martial art is an important skill for you to learn because it strengthens your body, mind and spirit. It makes your body flexible and strong. The more you learn these skills the more you grow confident as a person. Martial art teaches you discipline, patience and humility.  While practicing martial arts you understand the values of the learnt skills and also understand that it is important to avoid violence and conflict. But how do you know which martial arts to choose for yourself and why? Definitely need to do some research before deciding on which martial arts you want to take up. You will have to understand the goals of the martial arts which would fit with your personal goals. You should always keep in mind that no martial art is greater or superior to the other. All the forms of martial arts are equal. It is the people who accomplish great goals and become superior. So let us find out which martial arts should you choose and why.

  • Learn Jiu Jitsu for the purpose of self defence.

See for yourself if you want to take up martial arts for self defence. If you are getting bullied in school by people or being harassed then Jiu Jitsu for self-defence is a good choice. The defence techniques will help you to use to attacker’s strength against him. This leads you to subdue the attacker. This form of martial arts will help you to escape from the grip, dodge the coming attacks and also allows you to have the upper hand on the situation.

  • Learn Fung fu to stay fit

People practice martial arts as a form of exercise to stay fit and lose fat. Fung Fu is a great source of physical workouts. It works out all your muscles and induces flexibility and well as brings strength to the upper and the lower part of the body.

  • Learn to practice self control and self discipline

Taekwondo is known to be the world’s most famous martial art. It teaches you to discipline yourself when you make movements. Every move should be graceful and smooth. As there is a lot of emphasis on the fluid like movements people consider this form of martial art to be a great way of teaching yourself discipline.

  • Take up kickboxing

Kickboxing is about making a full body contact with the opponent. You can use kicks, punches and blocks to prepare for the match. It is a great source of ring fighting. It will teach you exceptional self defence in such ways.

  • Cultural interest

If you have interest in a particular culture then learning martial arts can be a great experience. If you are interested in the culture of Israel then you can go for Krav Maga martial art or you can take up taekwondo if you like the Korean culture. If you are interested in Japanese culture then you can learn Sumo wrestling. Similarly ifyou like the Chinese culture you can take up Karate.

These are some of the ways through which you can choose martial arts for yourself. It is a wise decision to start now rather than starting later. These are the reasons for selecting a particular type of martial arts if you are choosing to take up one.  Each of the martial art is a good choice for self defence as it helps you to protect yourself from the attacker. It also teaches you to avoid unnecessary fights and to resolve the problems peacefully. Practicing martial arts one day at a time will make you perfect and lead you to your goals of staying fit and living healthy.

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