Connect with the angelic realm.

This healing modality was shown as a way of making that unique and powerful connection back to the light, it is our divine right to walk in the light as fully empowered, compassionate beings. Learn the old Hindu culture and healing methods from over 6000 years old technology.
Chakra Vocal Sound Healing Learn to balance your Chakras and tune into your intuition with vocal sounding! Discover a way to improve your physical and emotional health with the zero negative side effects.
Learn how to relax and improve mood with a simple and easy technique you can take anywhere.
Master a powerful energy healing technique you can use on yourself and teach to others to gain a deeper understanding on what is blocks an abundance of health and joy. Chakra vocal sound healing is a powerful energy healing technique that allows you to quickly locate and clear abundance blocks in your Chakras.
Energy healing encompasses a broad range of therapeutic modalities, all of which focus on channeling healing energy into a client's body
Relax and unwind with an ‘Energy Healing Session’ or come along to a Trauma Release.

When you come for a ‘Holistic Energy Healing’ session the first thing that happens is we have a chat about what it is that is bothering you. If it is your first session I will ask you to fill out a form to let me know what symptoms you are experiencing. Next you lie on the massage table fully clothed and I use your arm to establish a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response with your body. During the session I will ask your body to determine what is a priority for your healing and after each link is established we allow the body to process it. Some clients feel a range of sensations such as tingling, heat or lightness, some don’t experience anything except feeling relaxed. Your body will keep going balancing whatever it’s priorities are until it has done all it can in one session.
Are you looking for an experience that allows you to relax emotionally and physically and at the same time helps you to delve into your spiritual being? Phuket will offer you a rich opportunity to connect with yourself and other women on the same journey. To bathe in the natural beauty of Phuket and take time out from your life to experience a life changing experience.

Imagine a place so green and rich from nature’s creation the only noises you hear are exotic birds and butterflies, the views you see are of tropical forests, mountains and sea, where the healing foods you eat are grown organically in your garden, a place where your every need is met with a smile, where you are cared for day and night with traditional healing massages, morning yoga to relax the body and evening meditation to calm the mind, imagine a place as beautiful as this where you are offered daily inspirations to live a more healthy, more harmonious way of life. Imagine this place in the heart centre of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world… Imagine being in Phuket, imagine being a part of a group of women coming together to relax and unite.

TRAUMA RELEASE WORKSHOPS Do you suffer from depression, hyper-vigilance, anger outbursts, feelings of overwhelm, flashbacks and nightmares, poor sleep, feeling emotionally numb, experiencing panic attacks?
The Trauma Release Exercises are easy to learn and can be used any time. The best thing is you don’t have to relive anything by talking about it -your body will know what to do, it just needs a way to release the stored energy which is showing up as the symptoms you are experiencing.
Get What You Want From The Universe
The Universe Listens and It Certainly Responds. Learn How to Get What You Want
1.Change all those negative emotions you feel heavy with everyday and turn it into joy.
2.Give you a pathway to happiness and LIVE again.
3.Change how others around you treat you for the better.
4.Open opportunities you didn't think were possible.
Yogatraining4u is available in some clubs as a virtual workout.

Where can I find a gym that has Yogatraining4U?
To find a Yogatraining4U Strength workout near you, click here.
Can’t find a class in your area? Try Yogatraining4U free for a day at home with Yogatraining4U On Demand. Talk to our body building experts and nutrion specialists to get YOUR kind of workout plans and diet. Join our classes (we have both online and offline model for your needs) We have prgrams like cardio, fat loose, yoga training, muscles building, spiritual classes.


  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Rehabilation
  • General Physical Health
  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Sport Performance
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Pleasure Activity
  • Health Program

Class Details

  • Trainer: Nataliya
  • Time: 3 weeks
  • Price: $60 per day
  • Defficulty: Normal
  • Lesson: 15

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Cardio and Yoga Trainer

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